When I met Lu I was a ball of insecurity. I didn’t know who I was and because of that I struggled with anger and at times depression. Lu opened my eyes to who I was created to be, and everything in my life changed. If you have an opportunity to learn from or be coached by Lu, take it...But only if you’re ready to discover your true identity, strength and purpose in life.
— Lindsay McPhail, author "The Fearless Experiment"
Lu was my first CrossFit trainer and her belief in me and ‘do as I do’ training style enabled me to achieve things in fitness I never thought possible! Lu is gifted in training the whole person, she showed me how to mentally engage in a way that took my body and my training to the next level. The whole package of The Genesis Project produced lasting results not only in my fitness but in my emotional and spiritual well being too.
— Bethany Reid, Fashion Illustrator
Working with Lu has been a life-changing experience. She is intuitive, specific, and challenges me to be my best. She is knowledgable in a complete way, promoting and holistic approach to health and wellness that covers the spectrum of physical, emotional, and spiritual growth
— Brooke DeBoer, Chop Chop Prouductions
Lu is a motivator, she starts her work on your heart, it then transfers to your body. The holistic approach of coaching has helped me realize that I can do things I never thought possible, both mentally and physically.
— Lisa Hutchins
— Lisa Hutchins
Lu has the skills to repair the wrong moves, the ears to repair the wrong statements and the heart to make it all come back to where it belongs.
— Jana Burwell
One of the largest factors of the consistent transformation in my life has come from the coaching of Lu Crenshaw. She has taught me how to find the areas where I had been self-sabotaging and deal with it at the root level. She helped me see the areas I was giving up on myself in the day to day life as I gave up on myself during my workouts. I didn’t know there was a direct correlation. I wasn’t a failure and now I’m walking with a greater stability and joy than ever before.
— Erin Crane