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FAQ Camp 17

How long is each Camp?

It’s about average. But specifically it’s a four week program where we meet twice a week for 2 hours.

Do we work out for the entire 2 hours?

Good golly no! Who does that!? The 2 hours is made up of a workout and breaking a mental sweat in the classroom. 

Is the classroom time spent on discussing nutrition?

We’ll introduce you to a good friend of our’s called “The Whole 30”. She’s a nutrition program that’s a little “nutty”. After you “meat” her you will see that the “fruits” of her are “berry” good. Nutrition is discussed however it is not the focus of Camp. We’re available for nutrition questions but our focus will be the wellness of both your heart and body.

Do I have to already be in shape to start Camp? 

Come as you are! If you are in the shape of a cheerio, a stick sure or anything in between we take you as you are. 

Can I sign up if I have an injury?

Of course you can! But unless you are missing an arm or a leg we are not going to be able to tell just by looking at you. So let us know when you sign up and we can work around your injury to keep you from further injury.

Can I jump into a Tribe that just started or is already running? 

Short answer, no. Long answer, noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. Every day of Camp is one piece of the picture. You miss even one and your experience will feel incomplete.

Are there set session times or can I schedule my sessions around my schedule?

Nothing’s set in stone…except the session times, those are set in stone. Monday and Wednesday are our evening classes (5:30-7:30 pm) and Tuesday and Thursday hold our morning classes (9:00-11:00 am).

Can I jump between morning and evening classes?

We would like you to be settled in. We want to hear confidence in your voice when you say, “Hey, that’s my seat!” So stick with either morning or evening. With that being said, we also understand life can be hectic and we understand if you have to switch class times once or twice instead of missing it all together. If you are holding of on life calming down to do Camp because you KNOW you would have to hop back and forth, well, contact us. We would rather you joined Camp then miss it all together.

Are there differences in the morning and the evening classes?

There’s only one difference, the time. We all have jobs or kids. Some have jobs AND kids! Morning and evening classes are for availability purposes but the workouts and curriculum are the same.

What is WILD?

When you are done with Camp, it is time to go WILD! It is workout opportunities four times a week, if you wish, where you live out your new life style alongside other Camp alumni in the gym. You say “goodbye” to the classroom and “hello” to community and encouragement. Occasionally we have scheduled events where ladies from WILD can hangout outside of a workout.

Can I take Camp again? I feel like I missed some stuff or that some of the material would benefit where I’m at in my life now.

Yes! Come in for a Tune-Up ($329.00), we offer it at a lower rate. Come take your new perspective for a test drive. We learn something with each Tribe we walk through this program, so we totally get it.

Can I make payments?

You betcha! Who doesn’t love layaway? As you register hit the Save-a-Spot button. It is $149.00 up front and the rest will be due before the last week of Camp.

What is the difference between the Glamping package and the Camping package? 

Girl! You know you want the Glamping package ($399.00)! Put the Glamour in your Camp journey with your very own Camp17 shirt, custom journal and bag gloves. These bag gloves are required and usually cost anywhere from $20-$40. The Camping package ($369.00) includes a journal only.

Do you provide childcare? 

No. We love kiddos! Love them. But, still no childcare. And as much as "camp" is for kids, Camp17 is not for kiddos!

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