At Camp17 we believe in the power of your story.

To camp is to leave the comforts of home and journey out into the elements. The adventure that lies ahead will be unknown, yet exciting. We see this analogy as the premise for Camp17. You will step out of your comfort zone and venture down roads less traveled. As you find your plot of land it will be time to set up your tent. At Camp17 we believe your tent to be your story. The stakes that you possess must be securely anchored into the ground in order for your tent to serve its purpose. These stakes are the foundation of Camp17.

We believe the stakes represent areas in your life that must be in order if you are to live fully alive. During Camp17 we want to help you anchor your stakes of belonging, contribution, empathy, victory and celebration into the ground.  We want to help you build your tent, tell your story, and dream once again.