Ellie .png

ellie Marley 

Ellie joining our team and helping us be more organized and helping with administrative stuff that neither of us are very good at! She's cleaned up our inbox, created spreadsheets, input data, put swag packages together, and best of all, she enjoys it! She is Lu’s baby sister and I love her to the moon and back. Find people and empower them in their gifts. She's been so good for us, we now get to focus on what we need to without having a bunch of little things and loose ends hanging.


Amy kaufman

Amy is our event coordinator. She's our social butterfly and loves to gather the people! She will be scheduling hikes and dinners and anything else that Camp17 can be a part of in the community! Let her know if you have an event that needs to be on our calendar!


Niki haken

Niki has helped from the very beginning with some of our graphics, logos and answering all my silly questions about the computer. She's going to be helping with our web design and making our creative ideas come to life! Let's just call her our creative mama!!!!