Finding yourself craving a healthier version of yourself happens to all us. You see, we live in a pretty messed up world that conspires against our health and wellness. We have this always-hungry list of responsibilities and obligations, time constraints, family and personal pressures. Finding the time and energy to invest in the best version of yourself is HARD WORK! 

But, it's not impossible. In fact, it's more than possible - it's DOABLE. That's where CAMP 17 comes in. CAMP 17 is a groundbreaking fitness course designed to address the whole person, not just one element of fitness.


You see, we're made up of more than just a body. We are MIND, BODY, and SPIRIT. So many "fitness programs" only address getting the body fit, which is great! But getting a body "fit" is not enough.

In our experience, women who go through the struggle and hard work to chisel out a HEALTHY BODY, a NOURISHED MIND, and a GROWING SPIRIT are the ones IN LOVE with their lives, not just enduring it.


CAMP 17 is an intensive and integrated course designed to help you discover and unleash the very best version of YOU. CAMP 17 is a 6 week fitness/classroom experience for your MIND, BODY, and SPIRIT. CAMP 17 is FULL BODY workouts that increases your OVERALL FITNESS and TRANSFORM the way you LOOK and FEEL. At CAMP 17 we intentionally pursue WHOLENESS because health and fitness expose TRUE self-worth. At CAMP 17 we believe wellness is an exciting adventure!

We lift and run
We push and pull
We kick and punch
We laugh and cry

The most beautiful part? We do it together as a TRIBE of courageous women, ready to fight!


——Registration for tribe XVI opens March 4th!——

Tribe XVI Starts April 7th