Camp17 is a sort of magical grab bag.  
If you need a community, it will give you one. If you just want hard workouts that will make you stronger and a better human, you’ll get those. If you want to go deep and get real with yourself, you will. If you want to share the struggle, you will. If you want someone to tell you how to fix your life, you’ll get them. If you want to be handed the tools to do it yourself, you definitely will get those. If you don’t know how to believe in yourself, camp will do it for you until you figure it out. If you’re lost, you will find yourself in camp—maybe just pieces of yourself, but they’re there. If you want to shift your thinking about your body and your life and your place on this planet, camp will shine a bright light and lead you down that path.  Whatever you’re looking for (except maybe a husband, though I’d argue camp makes you a better picker of men by virtue of learning to love yourself better), camp will help you find it.  Probably inside yourself.  And then camp will encourage you to share it.


Finding yourself craving a healthier version of yourself happens to all us. You see, we live in a pretty messed up world that conspires against our health and wellness. We have this always-hungry list of responsibilities and obligations, time constraints, family and personal pressures. Finding the time and energy to invest in the best version of yourself is HARD WORK! 

But, it's not impossible. In fact, it's more than possible - it's DOABLE. That's where CAMP 17 comes in. CAMP 17 is a groundbreaking fitness course designed to address the whole person, not just one element of fitness.


You see, we're made up of more than just a body. We are MIND, BODY, and SPIRIT. So many "fitness programs" only address getting the body fit, which is great! But getting a body "fit" is not enough.

In our experience, women who go through the struggle and hard work to chisel out a HEALTHY BODY, a NOURISHED MIND, and a GROWING SPIRIT are the ones IN LOVE with their lives, not just enduring it.